Win the Custom Cabin of Your Dreams

Head over and enter for your chance to Win a Custom Cabin

Can you imagine how wonderful this would be. So if you love the great outdoors, enter today and win!

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129 Responses to Win the Custom Cabin of Your Dreams

  1. Darcy Pringle says:

    please enter me in too win this beautiful home for me my ailing wife and our two little furry friends too live our golden yrs out in we would truely love it

  2. Audrey M. Saganna Sr. says:

    Please enter me to win

  3. Jeff Frank says:

    Please enter me to win cabin

  4. Karen J Zahm says:

    Would love to win this beautiful home! Imagine Christmas time with it all decorated, the snow outside, and a fire in the fireplace!

  5. edward draper says:

    yes please enter me to win this beautiful cabin.

  6. Angelia Chisholm says:

    I love this house please enter me to win it thanks!!

  7. Brittany Thompson says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I would love to be entered in at a chance to win a dream home like this.

  8. Paige Wark says:

    Ooh enter me!!!!!

  9. Liz Skopyk says:

    Yes I definately would love to be entered for a chance to win a beautiful cabin 🙂

  10. chantelle says:

    Please enter me because it would be great to win this for me and my family it would really amazing to this custom cabin. If I win this I would be so happy then me and my family can live happy again!
    Regards Chantelle Wright

  11. Deborah Lowe says:

    We would love to make this house a home! It would be an answer to our prayers…Please enter me for a chance to win!

  12. Corey Davies says:

    Love to win that as a new home 🙂

  13. Cheryl Lyn Carreau says:

    This would be a blessing for us we live in a tiney 600squair foot house we have to go outsid to change our minds and our close. I think my neibor is getting tired of covering his kids eyes lol.

  14. Dianne Kinton says:

    The cabin would look great on our property in the mountains of NC!!

  15. Mistie Hopper says:

    I would love to win this for my family!

  16. dusty ellis says:

    Please enter me in this awesome cabin it would be a good start to mine and my soon to be wife and my 3 kids!

  17. Brenda Pickering says:

    I want to be entered in this sweepstakes for a chance at winning this awesome cabin. Thank you for this fabulous opportunity.

  18. sarah Lyons says:

    Please enter me for a chance. I have 15 ppl in my house with only a 5 bedroom. We really have no privacy. Thank u. It would be a great blessing for my family.

  19. Liz Ann Garner says:

    i would love to have a beautiful log home for my disabled son to grow up in …it would be so much better for him than the place he is at its old and falling apart one pipe at a time

  20. Bridgette Lee says:

    I’d love to be entered to win. Seems as though luck has been unkind to myself and growing family. I live pay check to paycheck my partner and I. Barely making it by. This is exactly what we need. A breath of fresh air and new surroundings.

  21. jerri says:

    why isn’t CALIF one of states?

  22. Robin Cline Phillips says:

    Oh please, oh please, oh please let me win this dream!

  23. Jeff Loftis says:

    In need of a Man Cave… Think I found it lol

  24. Rob says:

    Enter me please, I do not have a sob story but just would like to have a beautiful cabin!

  25. Paul Gillum says:

    The cabin would look great on my property in the White Mountains in Arizona.

  26. Talitha Tigerlilly says:

    Please put my name in the entry ! This would be a dream come true

  27. Scott Mullins says:

    Hmm link not responding! Oh well congrats to the lucky winner in advance this is a peaceful looking, beautiful home!

  28. Nancy Miller says:

    My husband and I love the out doors and Nature; this would be beautiful in our retirement years now.. We would love to own a cabin, like this. I have always loved and wanted to live in a log cabin; I love the smell of the wood.

  29. jenny says:

    Please enter me to win cabin i so want to win but never win any thing so good luck to me and my 3 children

  30. Moira Durney says:

    Can only dream of winning something like this…one can only hope wish me luck.

  31. Carla Almendares Bradford says:

    I would love to win this cabin!

  32. Eric scott hunt says:

    The cabin is absolutely beautiful. I don’t deserve something so nice but would love to own it !

  33. Rachel Rice says:

    I would love it. I can imagine living in it!

  34. Ruth Strahan says:


  35. Kelley Caissie Gallagher says:

    the picture we are all viewing.. IM NOT IMPRESSED ! HOPE somebody reads
    this.. and i will save them time of filling in the ballot !!!!!!

  36. Helene Hanson Miller says:

    would love to win!

  37. Janet Cook says:

    Log cabins are the most beautiful homes ever – please enter me in the drawing…

  38. kathy says:

    8×20 would be great! (But I would need a doggie door included, lol)

  39. Hope Fleeting says:

    Love it….liked and shared it on fb..please enter us to win. Itd be perfect for our two kids and my husband…no more worries for hubby about how to pay rent after retiring 12 years of being a soldier..

  40. Jean Masingale says:

    Why can’t you enter this give-a-way if you live in California????

  41. Tanya Curler says:

    I would love to win this……amazing and would be beyond blessed to have the luck of winning this.

  42. Tamie Jones says:

    I would love to win this;It would be perfect for my place on the river at High Falls,Georgia.Thanks for the chance.

  43. Tamie Jones says:

    Thank You for the chance to win this cabin;This would be perfect at my place on the Towalia River in High Falls,Georgia.

  44. Greg Johnston says:

    Shoot…my cabin will look perfect right here in downtown Des Moines. Lol

  45. Meloney Ryan says:

    please enter me to win!

  46. betty ellinger says:

    Enter me for this cabin would look great on our lake an all the kids an grandkids an great grandkids would love it

  47. Amanda Joyce Shaeffer says:

    I would love to win this for me, my husband, and baby boy!

  48. Frankie Eickhoff says:

    please enter me to win, we don’t own our own home and it would really be nice

  49. Gwen Harris says:

    That’s beautiful, I would be very grateful and honored to be a owner of this gorgeous Log Home.

  50. Johanna Gerke says:


  51. Tomra Abelar says:

    This is the perfect house for Southern Oregon! Please enter me to WIN!!! I have never owned a home.

  52. lou landerer says:

    I’d love to win this for my wife and kids!

  53. Aaron Alter says:

    I have 10 acres of forest in Mt. Plesant Iowa this would be awesome on!

  54. Laurie Azure says:

    I have two teenage boys and would love to have a room of my own other than my bedroom 😀 !!!

  55. Jana Gaylord says:

    You do realize that the cabin you are winning is 20 feet long & 8 feet wide?? Read the official rules.

  56. Henry Axtell says:

    Almost a bit much for a single mountain man. The contest kind of a contradiction for the prize being a “A Private Getaway”, when everyone will Know you won?! So much for Privacy. Just sayin’.

  57. Beth says:

    May whoever wins this cabin realize they are truly blessed

  58. Bj Cisneros says:

    Enter me for a chance to win this cabin to get out of my 2 bedroom apartment. 3 people and 2 dogs live in 2 bedrooms so please let us win.

  59. judy mulroy says:

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this beautiful house for my family.

  60. Barbara Matthis says:

    Live in a smallcountry town in PA be nice to have.

  61. linda says:

    I have the perfect spot love this cabin

  62. danscaddie20@hotmail. says:

    This would be a dream come true. Im bad luck. My wife and i are having truble having a baby. 🙁

  63. Sheila Gilbert says:


  64. erica bowen says:

    This cabin would save me and my dog from being homeless in portland. Would be forever gratefu

  65. Joe Rodgers says:

    Please enter me to win

  66. Karen Sanders Finch says:

    This would be the perfect play house for the grand kids. Since it’s that little, But would love for them to have it….

  67. evelyn marchand says:

    Regs also state, if they don’t like the site for the building, they will redraw and award it to someone else!!! Thats not cool!!!

  68. Pat Morgan says:

    We live in a 500 sq ft cottage & my washer freezes up in the winter… an addition that we could winterize would be great!!!

  69. Ann Butler says:

    Please enter me in to thisid love to win big or small something to call mine.

  70. Danny Amy Goodsitt says:

    A log cabin has been my dream home forever I would love to win this ive never won anything this would be a dream come true!!

  71. Grace morris says:

    Im broke and a single mom to a challeged child. Iknow its not big, but we would be mighty greatful to have a roof over our heads. If i ever did get some money, i would still keep it for a getaway!

  72. SgtMac says:

    LOL…a 20 foot x 8 foot cabin. That’s funny. Keep it, and forget the “like” too.

  73. Lorie Matter says:

    Would love to have the cabin on my property for our Daughter and Granddaughter to stay in. She would be overjoyed by anything as long as its a roof over her head. Lorie Matter

  74. sandylender says:

    Ummm…20 foot by 8 foot reduces my carbon footprint just fine. My financial state will gladly accept it with a huge THANK YOU. I’ve already shared…will be happy to share again…

  75. Deborah Tootle says:

    Please enter me to win 🙂

  76. Lisa Bass says:

    People in Alaska live in cabins smaller than that.

  77. Amy Strickland says:

    Would make an excellent play house for the kids. Maybe a nice doghouse for when the hubby gets in trouble as well…


    I Would be happy with a 8ft,x20ft. i dont feel the need for greed !!!!

  79. YOUveBeenJudged says:

    WANT IT… perfect for us retiring types… who don’t need all the things the younger set WANT. HAHHa great design … sure hope it’s one by Tiny Homes or Four Lights Tiny Homes… they are both AWESOME <3

  80. Karen Hays Maguire says:

    How do I enter? When I click on link above it says page cannot be found. Can someone send me the entry link? Thanks

  81. Laurel Fentress-Rogers says:

    I could use it as a guest room in the back yard….

  82. Ronnie Twin Ray says:

    I’d love to win this cabin. I live on the river.Name of town Riverview—In The City Of Valley, Alabama

  83. Clara Harrell says:

    I love this cabin !! Just the right size for me ! And it would look beautiful here on my land with trees on 3 sides of me, a creek flowing in front !! Yea !! I would love to live in this !!

  84. kelli kirkley says:

    Would love to win this beautiful cabin!

  85. Ashley_Beni84 says:

    If I won this, I’d live in it with my 2 kids, and hubby. We are renters, and always dreamed of a cabin/home. Good luck to everyone who is participating, and I hope who ever wins, deserves this gift. 🙂

  86. kari says:

    what a blessing this will be to whomever wins good luck everyone



  88. Kris Ohanu says:

    Would be a dream come true – it’s beautiful <3

  89. Cheryl Hunter says:

    no Canadians eh?

  90. says:

    love to have this my dream home my husband works so hard on the house we have .this would be a blessing.

  91. NolaMae says:

    would love to win the large cabin that they showed. … but to fill it up with homeless people and
    those right out of prison that are willing to make great efforts to turn
    to God and to change their lives for the better.. and to lift up others
    along the way…** We’d have to find out ways to make enough money to pay that taxes
    though.. 🙁

  92. Alice says:

    Comments about winning the cabin? It would be nice to win that Cabin, always wanted to be a home owner and still do for My family and myself….But may I ask where is the location of the Cabin? LOL

  93. peggy schoenduby says:

    just perfect big enough for my mom and grand kids to enjoy and live like we should one big happy family

  94. Mandy King says:

    Liked and shared on Facebook. Try to follow link above to enter but it will not open? This would be a dream come true! A chance to change my Mommas life!

  95. GI Joe says:

    Is it ok if I pick up this Cabin in the next 2 weeks :o0

  96. Gloria Cooper says:

    Could truly use a new home to aide a disabled person….Thank you in advance if I should be so blessed as to win this cabin….

  97. tracy miler says:

    sign me in for all, I like fabric stuffing batting thread lace foam anything I can use to make my doll beds. I make them they all go to children hospitals and unity way VA and to any little girl we find going througth illness abuse or lose of a love one, I do this on my own with few that dose give me some fabric, but 99% comes out of my pocket but starting to run out of everything thing it takes, so any thing I can find to keep me doing these is a blessing

  98. niki says:

    It would be amazing to win.

  99. Lianne Watkins says:

    Oh yes would love , love to win cabin.

  100. Rebecca Vail says:

    Please enter me!

  101. edith canales says:

    Dream to chill in. Would love to win.

  102. Aline Gendron says:

    Please enter me to win. I have always wanted to retire in a log cabin by a lake to do my writing and give spiritpainting workshops.

  103. Stephanie mccarl says:

    PleaseEnterMe! We Are Currently Living In Our Trailer..

  104. Laurie Honbarrier says:

    We have the perfect spot for that cabin – in the Smoky Mountains of NC

  105. DDDALA says:


  106. Linda Bethel says:

    I would love to win this cabin! Please enter me to win it!

  107. Sue says:

    We have been looking for one of these cabins THIS “big”, and have not been finding one. Yes, I read the terms, know the SIZE, but we have someone in our lives that really need this!!

  108. Nora Rispin says:


  109. says:

    i would definatley love to win my dream home cabin. i have always dreamed of owning one for my family.

  110. Tammy Batzek Popaeko says:

    My kids can use it as a play house

  111. Megs B. Brown says:

    I love this cabin

  112. Laura Sheppard Talbott says:

    Would LOVE to win this. We plan to build a log house after my husband retires from the ARMY…. this would be a dream come true 🙂

  113. Todd Marshall says:

    would love it and so would our kids…..very nice!!!

  114. Kristen Canty says:

    I’m practically fuckin’ homeless with how many bills I have to catch up with. I’m so tired of the “ohhh, this would be my dreaammm~ we already have six log cabins, but this one would be perfect for the mountains!” give this to someone who deserves it, not someone who has the capabilities to do it themselves. Better yet, I know for a fact this is just bullshit, it’s not real. No one is going to win it. So stop sharing it, idiots.

  115. owen secord says:

    I would love to win this cottage for myself and new wife.

  116. Linda Conaway Crist says:

    how did you find a photo of my dream cabin? 🙂

  117. Pat Banker Bowman says:

    says to sign in for a “free change to win a log cabin” no place to sign in when you try to. FRAUD!!!!

  118. Meigan mayzes says:

    Where do you sign up for this cabin. I want too enter very badly. Its like you pulled this house out of my dreams.

  119. ruth says:

    want rhis cabin very very badly

  120. Pam Olson says:

    At the top of the page click on – Win a Custom Cabin-that is in blue!! Not fraud!!

  121. Racheal Rose Tefft says:

    The link does not work 🙁

  122. click through the next webpage…

    Win the Custom Cabin of Your Dreams | Free Stuff Unlimited…

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