Win a $40,000 Keystone Cougar RV! (Expired)

Enter to win this wonderful Brand New Keystone Cougar RV PLUS an entire decade of FREE Camping! It’s valued at $40,000 and would make camping out so much fun!

  • Annette Hindsley

    woud love to have it

  • Oleta Brown

    We do motorcross and this would be so awesome to have. It would make traveling to ride so much better

  • Patsy Snodgrass

    Awe be still my heart. Love it.

  • Tessie Dugas

    omg love it!!!!

  • Lacie Baker

    I really could use this for family fun with my 3 kids im a single mom and want to do more with my children this would be great!!!!

  • ClariceGrant

    This would be awesome to win!!! Good luck everyone and happy camping!!! :)

  • David Norris

    I need this…lol.

  • Lenora Taylor


  • Steve Peck

    yep I need this. Thanks Steve Peck.

  • Steve Lawrence

    i have the truck that can haul this.. please, pick us!! 2 kids… 10 yeas old would love the adventures in this rig!

  • mary jeakes

    i would love to win this awsome camper to take my family on a much needed holiday xx

  • Regina Pickering

    i would love to win this

  • Eugene MacLean

    I just bought a new Ram….This Trailer will look beautiful behind it. I love to Camp and go to music festivals. I am getting to old for the tent….

  • Janet Yvonne Dailey

    This RV is gorgeous! I would be Free Birding!

  • Lori Wadkins Frost


  • CountessTracey Mck Cotn

    Something I could treasure with my 4 children and give them lasting memories, and hand down to them when I”m gone. Bringing back what a true family vacation is all about. IT is beautiful just like my family.

  • Gail Dupuis

    Oh my would be like winning the lottery!! I would love nothing more than a chance to win this. My first trip would be back to the Yukon to visit wonderful friends and family!!

  • Jenifer Mathisen Tietz

    Would be amazing this summer!

  • bonny

    OMG my dream comes to life in this cougar rv nothing could ever make me happier always wanted one of my own

  • Karen Toms

    LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz Green

    What a lovely prize to win, the cougar caravan, just what my husband & I would wish for, to see this beautiful Australian country, on our pension, before we die, what a dream that could come true, just for entering this compition, can we be the lucky ones.

  • Lance Evans

    It would look great behind my van,[I would love to win the “COUGAR RV” ].

  • Melita Pickering

    wow! what a dream ome true to who wins this (fingers crossed..ME) :)))

  • kirsten kim

    this would be my dream come true and freedom, i will run away and escape reality

  • christal

    Please, please, please, please! Would love to spend some lovely holidays with my beautiful two kidies and hubby in this……

  • nicole

    my kids would love me to win this

  • Nicole Timms

    My husband and I have not been on a holiday for 10 years…we have been married for 8 years…thats right no honeyymoon. Now we have a 1 year old sone…can’t see us affording one soon…

  • Carleen Ann Williams

    always wanted a mobil home, now turning 53 single and on a disabilitly pension cant ever see it happen dont think any of my dreams in live will come now getting to old, and hurting to much

  • Brendan Laws

    broow haaa i want to travel this country in that trailer, and as the kids have just finished school, all those years we raised our family instead of travelling like our friends we can now play catch up.

  • Melanie Kuzik

    would love this

  • koren

    would love 2 take my kids camping this would be a fantastic prize 2 win

  • Angela Pankhurst

    This would be our dream come true if we were to win this beauty

  • Rebecca Cunningham

    With 10 children 8 at home the happiest we have ever been is whilst travelling to move to Qld.. U?nfortunately havent been able to travel since and we really would love and appreciate being able to travel to see family and Australia Thanks :) :) Good Luck everyone :)

  • lesley smith

    it would be great to win this never win any think in my life it would be great.

  • Cathryn Guttridge

    OMG! Yes please. A dream come true.

  • Shanney Rominski

    would be the beginning of our dream come true to travel this beautiful country of ours in style :)

  • Deanna Platts

    This would be a dream to win

  • Cheryl Campbell

    Would make me sooooo happy to win this!!!

  • Lorraine Pinsent Preston

    Head on over to “WHERE” to enter to win this RV, liking & sharing doesn’t enter you to win does it?

  • Kerry Murphy

    Yes please!!! This is heaven on wheels!!!!

  • Lorraine Pinsent Preston

    Head on over to “where” to enter to win this?? Liking & sharing doesn’t qualify you, does it??

  • Lorraine Pinsent Preston

    Head on over to “where” to enter to win this RV, liking & sharing doesn’t qualify you doe sit?

  • Donna Snugglebuns Dufresne

    I would love to win this im a camper :)

  • Rachel

    Wow! Would be perfect for my boys and i as we camp a whole heap! This would be the answer to my not liking to sleep in a tent but do so my boys can do what they enjoy camping! Awesome prize!!

  • kelly-lyn nolks

    thanks guys

  • Jeff Ward

    My kids and wife and I wouldn’t know what to do with it, but we’d have a blast camping, I’m sure! WHOOP!

  • Christine Byrne Evans

    Would Love a nice new van ours is 35 years old. 14ft and live in it full time

  • Samantha Jenks

    oh man i could be a cougar in this cougar (-;

  • Margaret Leith


  • Kathy Niles

    I would love this!!!

  • Melanie Hughes


  • disqus_GOfjRL321T

    This is our families dream , please pick us, we have wanted one for so long but can’t afford it, this would be better than winning the lottery :)

  • Stacey Thrun

    Perfect for my family of five <3

  • Simone Frotten

    Nothing better for us! We just retired and would love to travel around North America!

  • Janet Flanagan

    win! win!

  • Shannon Brown Greene

    Its awesome!!! My family and I would love to win this!!

  • Linda Mac Isaac Taylor

    keystone has the best quality travel trailers with a great warranty if we were to win this i know i would enjoy years of fun for me and my family everyone has a dream and this is my dream !!!!

  • Lori Willis

    This would look very good behind my new truck!! so PLEASE!!

  • Jozzie Trebess

    yes please i would love this to take my kids away

  • Dennis Watson

    love to win this

  • Martha Younge Hickey

    Beautiful !!!

  • Amanda

    Would love to win this as we are “MAD” campers….And its even named after me “Cougar”…hahahahaha PLEASE pick us.

  • Raelene Belcher

    Would love to win this! My boys love camping!

  • Dianne Finemore

    Wouldnt it be nice to win :)

  • Kelly Nicholson

    It looks beautiful….a home away from home! Dear Santa….

  • Lylia Edwards

    winning this wonderful camper trailer would mean we could travel to Ipswich to visit family and friends in comfort and style!

  • Michelle Rosevear

    Would love to win this so I can say good bye to sleeping in the tent and sleep in comfort :-)

  • donna waterton

    Keystone Cougar RV you are the one for me…Just love love love you!!!!!

  • Kathleen Luxford

    wow this would be such an experience. :)

  • Deanne Jeffery

    We love Traveling/camping. I would feel like the Queen and my Prince charming would be behind the wheel.. This would be the best 25th Wedding anniversary. 21/04/88

  • Denise Mitchell

    I need this!

  • Natalie Shephard

    The only way we would ever have the chance to afford something as amazing as this is to win it…good luck to everyone who enters!

  • Wendy Lamers

    if I won I could take my 2 kids on first holiday in 6 years

  • Jo Arnall

    WOWeee, U could attend Music Festivals all over Aus in this in luxury, wld love to win it :)

  • sheree

    This is our Families Dream to Travel with the kids and would very much love to win this RV as we go camping all the time and would love to stay in STYLE!! and to had the kids be comfortable…As a single mum with twin boys this would be AWESOME!! There is nothing more greater then spending quality time with your family and making memories and that I do believe this RV would do so if we won it..

  • Allison Munro

    Would love love love this the hubby and I would get so much out of it!

  • Greg Foster

    look good behined my new 4wd

  • Richanda Frederick

    Me and my husband work in the oil fields area,and there is no housing… and would love to win this!

  • Amanda Winchester

    well my heart just skipped a beat as my mind traveled in comfort to lands of wonder and beauty. No more wresteling with tent ropes or trying to shove the sleeping bag into it’s tiny impossible bag that is more like getting a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

  • Susan Monnich

    I love what Cougar trailers are promoting!!! Thea trailers are awesome, stylish and room for the mother n law in style!!! My brother has this one and I need and love to have won wink wink. I live and share and love your product!!! Not just cause I may win!! Seeing and loving it and loving camping like we do. You got to be in it to want to win it!! Good luck everyone!!!

  • clair

    nice this would be great to win . We could have some great camping tr I ps and make some great memories.

  • Amanda N Manny Rapacon

    We have 4 kids & might be getting restationed (military) we could live in it while we look for a place

  • Shell


  • erin

    This would b amazing, so far our dream of having children hasnt come true, if only this came true, it would be an amazing adventure to take our minds off everything for a while….

  • Judith Kemp

    I can almost hear it roar!

  • val

    What luxury especially at our age. We’ re retiring so what away to travel

    in a Keystone Cougar. Oh man, home away from home.
    Will wait in the driveway for its arrival

  • Jillian-Patrick May

    Please pick me ready for retirement and the grey nomad life…

  • Debbie Bitmead

    Wow would be a dream come true we could travel in quality & comfort dreams can come true

  • Linda Piscitelli

    This would be so fun!!!

  • Lynette Wescott

    Just at that age , we would love. To travel and live a liitle , after 13grandkids and 6 kids between us I think it well deserved……

  • Clint Sweezey

    My wife and kids would love this, they love the outdoors :)

  • Wendy Barton

    Oh gosh would I ever be SOOOOOOO lucky

  • Rhonda Meyer

    Keystone Cougar RV you could save me take me away from all the pain feel aive again free adrenaline pumping like the fuel that drives you we could hit the road together looking back only when we want to you could keep me young and take me places ive never been i want you and need you in my life come to me and you will see how we fit as one

  • Vicki Billington Roots

    wow this would be great for all our adventures instead of a tent lol

  • Rob Lythgo

    never won anything never will

    • Rob Lythgo

      would be nice though

  • Rona Dahlitz

    This would be our dreams come true, We would be able to see some of our beautiful country before its too late we are both in our 60’s & have worked all our lives.

  • Laurel James

    love t enter but wouldnt let me enter state

  • Cass Webster

    have always wanted to travel around australia and this would be great to do it in would be a dream of mine and it would save me so much money.hope i win

  • Sharon Lee Ryan

    We love to travel and this would make it perfect :)

  • Charmane Wells

    We would love to win this, with 6 kids we can’t afford to go away much & our tent is getting a little old.

  • Phil McInnes

    Awesome Vehicle!!!! Love it!!!

  • Judith Sanderson

    Please pick me!

    this would be awesome for my family with 4 kids, not to mention saving on motels i can’t afford lol love the name hehe n awesome, would also make a great makeshift home sell & get a bigger home we need 😉 yep hate being poor lol will also help with new attempt of creating my own business so i can be with my kids with needing to travel for it :)

  • Judy Scorinis

    A Cougar Just like ME!!! love it.

  • daniel h

    love it

  • jodie hughes

    My dream life would be travelling this big beautiful country taking photos of my adventures for all to see.

  • Sue Boner

    yes please :)

  • Sue Boner

    love camping, but that you be camping in style

  • Lynn Johnson-Lynch

    We’ve camped in tents for over 20 yrs. with 4-5 kids every summer. With age and health this would be so much better.Would really hate to give up this smalls vacation time as we get older.

  • trish wright

    my husband has just retired and this would be great to do the grey nomad trip in

  • James Eldred

    Driving trucks and coaches for the past 20 years and having to put up with caravans on the roads and would be happy pulling this caravans and getting a bit back.

  • Lisa Allen

    No bad, Worth winning.

  • Darren Davey

    i need one of these beautys you have to have one living in wa o much to see and do B-)

  • Maggie Ron Palmer

    OMG I’ve always wanted to win a winabago aka RV!! Would be the best thing ever!!!!!

  • Annette Tinholt Vellenga

    this would be neat, the problem then is needing a new vehicle to pull it. :)

  • Edith Howard Brooks

    Absolutely awesome, would really love to have a fifth wheeler and do our major grey nomad trip.

  • Lorraine Vincent

    Just to think I could take the house work with me!!

  • Anne Egan-Smith

    How exciting… I’ve never won anything… This would be a dream come true for me and my kids to be able to get away and make memories…

  • SLADE. Cynthia

    Just Once and my turn…..

  • Kay Burns

    We could make this amazing Keystone Cougar RV our home !!! travel from one end of Oz to the other in style.

    Currently in a small van getting a bit cramped for us Nomads.

    yeah I could ‘suffer’ in this … joking xx Kay

  • LaTonia Huckabee

    What a great deal this would be for seniors to have , just hook up and go , no tent , no packing boxes to camp out with , this would be awesome for a couple of seniors that would love to take a vacation …

  • Susan Pritchard

    To win this would be awesome..I love camping!!!

  • Wendy Whynot

    would love this! our family loves to camp and enjoy family time together!

  • Krystal

    We would LOVE this in our family.

  • Carol Harkins

    Make retirement a great experience, so Wow…

  • Yvette Falcon

    Wonderful & exciting

  • Jane Clary Bermijo

    Just what I need.

  • Kelly Ridgley

    I would pack u my whole family and take them to disney land, they never been but I have…. Great way to celebrate my dad’s recovery from cancer….

  • Ellen

    I would love to win this!!

  • Ann Marie Leadbeater

    I could advertise for you at dog shows all across Canada.

  • Gregory Earl McLeod

    Please, Please pretty please. My family would be in heaven.

  • Eriner Pearson

    oh this would be a step up from the leaking tent…i would love to win this..please please.pick me

  • jess marsh

    wow this would be so good for me and my 6 kids we could finally go away on a holiday good luck everyone

  • Robby

    Both of us on disability, but love camping. Have to have power if I were to camp now. On dialysis this would be perfect. Also a place to stay next to hospital after kidney transplant.

  • ross geros

    it would b a great way to c australia,and the bush and animals

  • Brenda Hadland

    this would be awesome

  • Jodi Jean Marie Phillips

    Wow this wouls be my families dream come true. We r a family with 5 daughters and love the outdoors and camping. We were trying to afford a tentvtrailer but this would b amazing

  • Cheryl

    I would love to WIN THIS it would give me some lovely holidays..

  • Shelly Jorgenson Abernathey

    would love this !!! Family time at the lake would be so awesome !!!!

  • Charisma Fuller Capps

    Yes I want it :)

  • Marrianne


  • Heidi Anne Bennett

    I’d love to go camping in style, instead of tents with my family

  • Richard James Pryce

    Would love to win this it would be great to win this for my family we love to go camping but the heat is too much for my one year old son and wife we would totally go camping a lot more as a family instead of by myself a lot because of the heat we would love to win this I’d even take my wife on our long awaited honeymoon…!!!!

  • Brendan Flaherty

    I dream about being able to just go away for a weekend, this would do it for me.

  • LaDonna Hackman

    The camper is beautiful and would be so nice to have to be able to go camping!

  • sandra Black

    Our retirement dream drive off into the sunset!

  • Jacoba Leyenhorst

    Have 4 little boys over here (and one big one!) who would love this!!!

  • Jacky Conley

    whould love to win this havent been on a holliday for years

  • Helen Meloury

    This would be amazing, what a beautiful machine!!

  • Cindy Parks

    No more tents..

  • Sonya Denbrok

    hubby and 4 boys who love camping woul be thrilled with this baby.

  • Geoff Brown

    nothing in the world I would like more than this Cougar RV my wife my
    dog Kaiser and my fishing gear and Australia look out the Nomad is on
    his way My Kaiser would love to get his paw,s in it and on it Thank you
    Geoff Brown

  • Aleshia Yet Foy

    Yes please holidays come my way

  • Judi

    I can see myself in this….would need a couple of Keystone boys to travel with…hehe

  • Jon Lewis


  • Kim Campbell

    Wow … that would be very nice! :)

  • Steve Talbert

    This will make deer camp great for me and my wife and our seven kids. Hope I win!!!

  • Donna Shepherd

    this would be awesome … I could then share this with my Mom

  • Tori Koubek

    Love camping with our 4 kiddos! This would make it awesome!

  • Tammy Labadie

    Wow.This would be so great :)

  • Joanne O’Shea

    I would love to win this – holiday freedom to go anywhere and stay in comfort.

  • Doris Simpson

    My dream… would love to have this.

  • Jennifer Wangler

    I would love to win this for my family!!!

  • Simon Brighton

    Still would be so unreal

  • Marilyn Loveland

    This would be the perfect getaway…love it!!!

  • pearl MacDougall

    liked & shared, would love the rv

  • Beth Crain-Gentrup

    This would be awesome to win!

  • Becky Littrell

    My husband would be in heaven!

  • Jenny Shepherd

    This would be an amazing way for me to relive my childhood and to show my own children the joys of caravaning. Fingers crossed!!! :)

  • Danielle Shuffler

    Dreaming of all the family fun! :)

  • cyra

    loving it :~)

  • Donna Lee Cherrie

    Would <3 One….The freedom of taking the kids traveling….


    This on the back of my Club Sport it would to my Dreams away into the Wild country…

  • Dott Bardell

    Can Dreams come true..I hope so..Thanks for the chance.

  • TJ


  • natalie ross

    i would love to win this and just travel around australia while working :)

  • Darice Stoner

    Awesome unit, would love to win this

  • Tammy Nickel-Wright

    I have been tenting for 30 years and this would be so cool!!

  • Cindy Lou Lundquist-Heldmann

    It would be a dream come true to win this!!!

  • Shauna Rudderham

    this would be a dream come true :)

  • Meggan Calchera

    Wow I would be in heaven if i won this ..a single moms dream would come true :)

  • telemarketer cajun

    Be a good place to just live while going back to school, since i’m unemployed and enrolled. At 51 yrs old. :-)

  • Kymi Lynn Graham

    Would love this!

  • Angela Morcom

    This would be a dream as I probably will never be able to purchase one myself!

  • Melissa Lagrandeur

    Love it I would be able to go out west with this one

  • Marc Callister

    Yes please

  • Gail Richard

    This would be the thrill of a lifetime to win. Wow!! Our family has always loved to camp. Started with our oldest son when he was only a month old and continued with our youngest son. Hope to keep the tradition going with the grandchildren. Camping really brings families together to share the great outdoors. Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity to win.

  • Ellen Ylitalo

    love to win this.

  • Pollyanne Graff

    Our working days are over,
    Our good times have begun.
    Now its time to visit places,
    Where there’s snow and rain and sun.
    Keystone Cougar RV, your the one

  • Elissa

    We are a family of 5 mad campers but haven’t been able to afford to upgrade our 1986 Campervan. This would be BLISS!

  • Sharon Reynolds

    My hubby, my cat & I could see Australia in this :)

  • Brandi Natalia

    We need this for a home temporarily. Praying its us.

  • ChaRae Penn

    Liked and shared!!

  • Jodie Counter

    would love to win this

  • Shelly

    LOve it would make me happy happy happy!!! Good luck everyone!!

  • Jake Weber

    this would be a great retirement gift for my family and I!!!!

  • Albert Anguish

    my boy would love it

  • Bev Williams

    Awesome camper to win☼

  • Guest

    To win this would be a dream come…..Especially for my little niece, she loves camping and wants to win so we could set up in the trailer park her friend camps in….hope she gets her wish….good luck all!

  • Jeanette Oliver

    To win this would be a dream come true….especially for my little niece, thats all she talks about, camping, ….i would love to win for her! Good Luck All!

  • Helen Hodgson

    What an adventure!!!!

  • Brian Booth

    would be in heaven camping in a COUGAR RV

  • Tiffany Courier

    I bet Noelle would camp willingly if I won this!!!

  • Michelle Baker

    im homeless so this would cure all my woes

    • dog.herder

      not to knock you down. Just wondering how someone is homeless and still has the money to be on the internet? I am not judging, just asking

  • Charlene Lowery

    Would definitely be awesome to win this! Single mom of three kids, all in scouts and all love camping!!

  • Charlene Lowery

    Being a single mother of three kids, all in scouts and all love camping, this would be amazing to win!!

  • Chad Dormuth

    i would love to win this so that i have a nice place to live ,seeing as there is no where to rent and i have spent the last 3 winters in an old small camper that is from the 70’s.Please I need a new home.

  • Katie Reed

    Would LOVE to win something like this.

  • Kristal Miller Egelund

    wish me luck!!!!

  • Lynette Margaret Lawson

    Yes Please make my dream come true. Im Praying.

  • Jennifer Kaltz

    Would love to win this for my family. We could experience camping again since my accident

  • Heather Fearnley

    I would love to win this, havnt had a holiday in years

  • Carol Mae-Anderson Carton

    would be a dream come true!

  • Kassie Durbin Gough

    This would be awesome!!

  • Jamie Payne Christensen

    I need this we love to go camping and this year I am not able to go with just having a newborn, but if we had this I could totally go. PLEASE please PLEASE pick me !!!

  • kirk gallagher

    me and my family would have so much fun.give to

  • Simon Hopkins

    Love it! So will the kids!

  • Julie Peacock Sparrow

    I want it!!

  • Sharyn Flower

    Fantastic! What a thrill to win this little beauty eh! Would love it so would the dog :)

  • Gary Sturdy

    very nice in deed that would be a great win!!!

  • Joyce Wells

    Gawd this is beautiful I would love to hook this up to my pu.

  • Judi Heddinger Goodchild

    What a perfect way to start “Emptynesting” We would love to win this!

  • Shelley Maye

    on Facebook it says like & share to have a chance to win..then you click this link to here..and it says head on over to enter for a chance to win????Would be a wonderful experience..the great outdoors, family, good conversation, friends..good food…warm fires..marshmellows!!!! Sounds wonderful!!!!

  • Glenda Wong

    I certainly don’t mind “roughing it” like this!!

  • Merrin N Terry

    I so want to win this, just get out on the open road and stop wherever and whenever we feel like it!!!

  • Joel Johnson

    Oh the places I would go If I had this……

  • Victoria Ann Montez

    hells ya I want it

  • Tina Reece

    I would love to win this I have a child with ASD and he loves to be in the outdoors looking for bugs and creepy crawlies this would totally be Awesome.

  • Brenda Shingoose

    Camping here we go…..

  • Theresa Hollick

    I would tour the both Islands of NZ

  • Monica kierzkowski

    Would be amazing for my grandparents who travel every winter to somewhere warmer than Canberra ACT

  • wendy binks

    If I won this I would go join my brother who is already travelling around Aus.

  • Sandra Lori Allan

    This would be a dream come true forsure!

  • Lynn Andersen

    This is my dream come true
    It even has my name on it….cougar

  • Laura Daniels

    this is so awesome! Would love to be parking this all over the country!

  • Jo Trudel

    Would be nice to go camping in this!

  • murray Steeves

    I think this is more valuable than my house

  • Patty Atwood

    Oh ya would love this.

  • Joanne Humphreys

    wow, is all I can say

  • David Michael Green

    It’d be cool to see just how my 2012 Ford F-150 Ecoboost performs while hauling a Keystone Camper w/ a toy hauler.

  • Kellie

    This would definitely be a dream come true for as, especially since we have a daughter leaving for college in 2 weeks on the other side of the country, almost 2000 miles away!! :( We would for sure be able to visit her a lot more and actually ENJOY the trip along the way instead of being cramped in a little car the whole way!!! Yep, this is the WAY TO GO!! :) Good Luck to All!!! 😉

  • cindy Humphrey

    I would love to win this .

  • vicki

    What a way to travel to see and explore our beautiful country

  • Buffy Smith

    I would Love to win this camper!

  • Angel Phillips

    I need a place to call home and a home on wheels with free camping would be the answer to my prayers…Thanks for letting me dream!

  • Melissa Oldacre

    Would be awesome to win this for my family.

  • pauline hargis crawford

    love this always wanted one but couldnt afford it.

  • Kimberly Lepinski

    Very nice, I would love to win this!

  • Willie Lewis

    Wow never been camping but would love to start in this new Keystone RV. My wife and I love the outdoors and traveling. More room to cuddle.

  • Jean Lindgren

    this would be so COOL to have!

  • Andrea Holt

    I would really really love to win this!! And so would my kid’s they have never been camping.

  • Jessica Greeley

    I would love to win this for my family to go camping and experience the life I had when I was younger camping with my grandparents son cant do a lot sports or much …this would be great experience for him ..thanks for enter me …good luck everyone

  • Linda Bourgeois


  • Michelle Bailey

    My boys work on pipeline I would really love to win this I could go stay with them

  • Laura

    Can’t find where to enter ??

  • emma dedecker

    Would pee my britches lol

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  • Jeanne Eriwata

    Only if you live in the USA,if you don’t Forget it..its another ad Scam and it will fill your e-mail box with more rubbish you don’t need

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