Free Hair Color From L’Oreal

Head over and score Free hair color from L’Oreal. You’ll need to login or register and go to where it say‘s enter your codes (A list of free codes is below). To get the freebie you’ll have to enter 5 codes total, but you’re only allowed to claim 2 codes each month. So make sure to come back in a month an enter 2 more!

These are the codes that you can enter (2) each month:

Feria #36 HE192
Feria #56 12G600
Feria #67 12G400
Superior Preference #4R Dark Auburn 12G401
Preference shade 5 12F900
Preference shade 5 HE288
Preference shade 5 12G502
Preference shade 5 12G606
Preference shade 5A 12G800
Preference shade 6 12H104
Preference shade 6 12F509
Sublime Mousse (20V): 30H204 30GN0430H10230H300
Root Rescue: 12G40312G4UU,
Superior Preference: 20V 12H401, 4A 12H401
Superior Preference: 4a 12H500
Feria: 25V 12G000

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2 Responses to Free Hair Color From L’Oreal

  1. Cindy Elms says:

    Superior Preference #4R Dark Auburn 12G401

  2. Pam Hilbert says:

    Superior Preference 4a 12H500

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