Free Concert-Oh T-Shirt

Concert Oh T Shirt FREE Concert Oh T Shirt

Register at, create and join a live meeting with at least two friends. Email a screen shot of the meeting, your shirt size and mailing address and they will send you a Concert-oh t-shirt (while supplies last). Your feedback is welcome, too!

Type Less. Talk More!” at, a FREE site for web-based virtual meetings.

To create a screenshot:

With the desired application open, hit the Print Screen key. Pressing the Print Screen key should store a copy of the current computer screen on the Windows Clipboard.

You can then paste the image into an image program such as MS Paint, manipulate it as desired, and save it to your hard drive for future reference. You can also paste it to other compatible programs such as MS Word, Power Point and others.

Now you will be able to view this frozen moment in your computer’s history any time you like as well as print it, upload it to a web page or email it as required. (You may need to reduce the image file size before uploading it to a website or emailing it.)

To create a screenshot of just the active Window rather than the entire computer screen, press “Alt + Print Screen” rather than just “Print Screen”.

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