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  • Annette Leach

    Today 10/9 & tomorrow 10/10 my new novel, Song of the Shaman, will be available for free. Below is the Amazon link to share with your readers. Thanks so much for helping spread the word!

  • Richard Newell Smith

    2nd novel, Grind His Bones, will also be free on Kindle – Nov 6-8. Already sent you details.

  • Layanne

    Tomorrow 2/5 my eBook Paleo Quick & Easy Recipes: Brunches, Lunches & Dinners will be free on Kindle. The link is:
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    “PERSONAL INTELLIGENCE” Is going free for the next couple of days on Amazon kindle. here is the link:

  • Rachel Mayer

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    Free on Sunday 20/12/15, Monday 21/12/15, Tuesday 22/12/15 and
    Wednesday 23/12/15 ”Love is simple like
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  • Robin Wiman

    Want to have your own small business that rolls in $500/month while you write?

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  • Jason Delilah

    Want to understand exactly how a Zen practice can change your happiness and make you become amazingly successful?

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    Ir Tiz

  • Sam Fury

    Today is the LAST DAY to get my book “Basic Wing Chun Training: Wing Chun Kung Fu
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  • David Pollan

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  • Tom Carpenter

    Read this Victorian Romance for FREE for the next few days.

    In “One Night with Laurence,” you will find a woman who is so bored and lonely to the point of desperation that she craves the attention of a childhood friend who enters the picture. Cora is going to have one night she will never forget in her ever-so-mundane life.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

  • Digital Entrepreneur

    Hi There,

    How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marker: 9 Rules For The Smart Digital Entrepreneur Guide will be on FREE Promo from Feb 04 2016 – Feb 06 2016. Please Download Your Copy and leave a Honest Review. Thank you!


    Affiliate marketing can be a game-changer for you and your business; it was for mine. Affiliate programs allow you to make a profit from other products online while forging new relationships with those products’ creators. This happens without any of the customer service or payment management that comes with traditional business.

    We cover my top nine rules for becoming an affiliate marketer, plus the three crucial tools every affiliate marketer should have in their toolbox. I’ll also dispel some affiliate myths and pass along some words of wisdom for folks just getting started with affiliate programs.


    What affiliate marketing can do for you and your business.

    Tips for finding an affiliate in your industry, no matter your niche is.

    How to get a company to sign you on as an affiliate.

    Three tools every affiliate marketer needs.

    The importance of building trust with your audience.

    Why you should treat your affiliate products as if they were your own.

    When, why, and how you should disclose an affiliate relationship to your audience.

    Why you should definitely have a Resource page.

    How and when to attach special bonuses to your affiliate products.

    The affiliate that has made the biggest impact on my business, and more!

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